Guitar Stands

Guitar Stands

stands 3You're playing a gig and the set ends and you take a break. You step outside for a moment of fresh air. You talk to some friends and hang out for a while, look at your watch and head back in.

As you walk inside you glance up at the stage to see an inhebreated patron stumbling over the drums and headed right for your prize Les Paul. His knee catches the edge of the bass drum and he frantically attempts to right himself while tripping over your guitar.

This all happens is a flash, but you are seeing it in slow motion, as pictures of broken necks and shattered head-stocks fly in front of you.

The outcome of this story can go one of two ways. If the guitar is sitting in a cheap, lightweight stand, the outcome can be tragic. If, on the other hand, the guitar is snugly secured in a heavy duty stand, this may have a happy ending.

If this story sounds far fetched, think again. This is a scenario played out in clubs and honky tonks every weekend all over the world.

This is why guitar stands are worth taking a few minutes to talk about.

Guitar stands come in all shapes and sizes and which one is right for you is largely dependent on your particular situation.

stands 1Basic Stands

Basic, entry level, guitar stands are typically of a tubular design. They have adjustable neck support heights and removable bottoms. Most fold up for easy transport. These are good stands for "around the house" and are fairly inexpensive. Some are under $10.

Basic stands also come in heavy duty models with thicker, more substantial tubing. They usually have a rubber band style neck guard to prevent the guitar from being knocked out of the stand.

In earlier models
, the rubber on the neck yoke of some guitar stands had a negative reaction to the paint finish on some guitars, causing damage. This problem seems to have been rectified.

stands 2"A" Frame Stands

These stands have an "A" shape and fold up for compact storage. They do not have a neck yoke and fully support the guitar at the body.

The legs of "A" Frame stands are perpendicular to the body of the guitar, offering a more secure support base than basic stands.

stands 5Multi Guitar Stands

Multi stands can be a real space saver and come in various designs.

In the "basic stand" design, some models hold 3, 6 or even 9 guitars. These stands are also of a tubular design and the guitar "hangs" from a neck yoke and the guitar body rests against a protected stop. The body, however, floats freely and guitars can "knock" against each other.
stands 4

Some "A" Frame stands are made with extra supports to accommodate 2 or 3 guitars. Again, the base of these stands keeps them fairly sturdy and the body of the guitar is fully supported.

A popular design for multi guitar stands is the "Rock Stand" style, named for the company that makes them (Warwick). The guitar is placed in a protective "slot" on the stand and it makes for easy in and out. These stands are made to hold 5, 6 or 7 guitars and are very heavy duty and sturdy.

stands 7Wall Hangers

If you want to keep your guitar close by at home, but floor space is an issue, a wall hanger might be the way to go. These are simply what the name implies. They are mounted to the wall, typically to a wall stud, and have a neck yolk attached so that you can hang the guitar up.

These are great for a music room, recording studio, or to display that vintage guitar around the house.

If you are just playing guitar at home and not venturing out, the basic inexpensive guitar stand should work just fine. If, however, you are playing gigs in clubs or at church, or you are setting up in a rehearsal hall where there might be a lot of foot traffic, the investment in a good solid guitar stand will be more than worth it!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!

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