Gifts You Should Ask For

Gifts Guitarists Should Ask For

Whether it's the holidays, a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation, a job promotion or Valentines day, there is always a good time to let that "special someone" in your life know about something you need for playing guitar.

The problem is that, quite often, that special someone has no clue what would make a good gift for you.

In the event they need some ideas, here is a little "hint" list.

strings 2Strings

You can never have enough guitar strings. Be specific. Tell the the brand and gauge string you prefer.

picks cluster


Great "stocking stuffers'. Another "be specific" about brand and thickness item.

care 1

Cleaning Kits

Guitar polish, polish cloths, or complete kits. Always a good item to have handy.

straps 1


A nice wide comfortable strap is a gift that will last for years. Don't forget the strap locks!

survival 5Tools

Wire cutters, jewelers screwdriver kits, pliers, any of those "you never know when you might need it" items.

survival 6


Tube amp players know that tubes wear out on a regular basis. Another "be specific" item. Pre-amp tubes usually go first.

effects 1

Effects Pedals

Had your eye on a new wah or chorus pedal? Let them know!

cable 2


Even if you have cables, you can always use a spare "just in case".

Learning Materials

A new method book or instructional CD. Maybe even a subscription to!

cases 4

Guitar Case

If it's time to graduate from that chipboard case to a hard shell, now might be the time to put a bug in someone's ear.

stands 3

Guitar Stand

Have you recently purchased another guitar and need a multi stand? Maybe you have moved up from the practice room to playing with a band and now need a heavy duty guitar stand.

gift 1

New Guitar?

Yeah, this is pushing things a bit but it's worth a shot!


If you have been reading our other articles you will notice that a lot of these items have been discussed in more detail. If you need to do some convincing, have your special someone read through some of those articles.

For many years I have supplied my wife with a "hint" list, and she actually appreciated knowing specifically what I wanted. Most of these items can be picked up fairly inexpensively with a quick trip to the local music store.

Can you think of something we should add to the list? Just let us know!

Keith Dean

keith01 lowKeith Dean is founder of and a 30 year veteran of stage and studio. He toured extensively as a road musician throughout the US and Europe, was a former lead guitarist for Jason Aldean, and has shared stages with Little Big Town, Wild Rose, Winger, Confederate Railroad and more. He is a published songwriter, owned and operated a successful music store, and has instructed numerous students in guitar.

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