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Whether you’ve wanted to play guitar since back in the day, or have just reached a time in life where you are free to pursue a passion – we are here to get you started on your musical journey.

Adult Guitar Lessons playing guitar

Teaching Guitar for over 15 Years

Adult Guitar Lessons, established in 2008, has been successfully teaching thousands of older adults to play guitar for over 15 years. With a specialized teaching program designed specifically for older learners, we continue to thrive and remain dedicated to providing high-quality guitar instruction.

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With our online guitar lessons program you can work at your own pace, in your own time – but you are never alone – with unlimited support to answer your questions, or offer help if you get stuck on something. We are always just a click away.

Never Too Late to Rock: Unleash Your Inner Guitar Hero!

Discover the endless possibilities of learning guitar later in life with Adult Guitar Lessons. It’s never too late to unleash your inner guitar hero and embark on a musical journey that will bring joy, fulfillment, and a new sense of accomplishment. Our easy beginner guitar lessons are designed specifically for boomers, offering a specialized teaching program tailored to older learners. With over 15 years of experience, our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way, providing high-quality instruction and unlimited support. Whether you’ve always dreamed of playing guitar or have newfound freedom to pursue a passion, Adult Guitar Lessons is here to help you rock out and make your musical dreams a reality. Start your free trial today and discover the transformative benefits of learning guitar later in life. Guitar for Grownups.

Sooooo easy…

Not only have your classes been full of fun, but they are sooooo easy to follow that anyone can learn from you. You make the guitar fun, and the songs easy to learn.

Barb D. - Los Angeles

You have renewed my dream of playing guitar…

I picked up a guitar five months ago but was not able to play any songs. In four days with you I’m now playing parts to three songs and one riff. You have renewed my dream of playing the guitar.

Derrick G. - Toronto

The right advice and direction…

The right advice and direction when taking up something like the guitar. Easy to follow instruction and video. The site is uncomplicated and easy to move around. I would recommend your site to any of my friends.

Russell - Sydney Australia

It makes all the difference…

I searched the net and after searching, found this site which for me was easy to follow. I have all the lessons at my disposal, I can go as fast as I want, even go back if I wish. Plus there are the individual emails and videos. And because I have it installed on my net book, I take my guitar and tutor with me wherever and whenever I wish. Plenty of encouragement from Keith when its needed, more like an old buddy than a tutor, it makes all the difference.

Davey M. - Doncaster, England

What's Inside

Adult Guitar Lessons is offered in an online, multi-media format including over 100 video lessons. Each lesson is supported with detailed written explanations, music charts, chord charts, TAB’s and detailed pictures.

No more keeping up with books that get torn or dog-eared, and DVD’s that can get lost or scratched, and no downloading is necessary.

Simply login to your personal account, anytime (24/7), even if it’s 3:00am in the morning, grab your guitar and start your lessons.

Online Video Lessons

Over 100 Video Guitar Lessons, ranging from Beginner Guitar, Intermediate Guitar, Lead Guitar and our popular Cool Lick Series. We don’t just show you – all lessons are fully explained in detail. And your lessons are available to you online – anytime!

Music Charts

Easy to read charts help you map out songs in a clear cut, simple to understand format.


Every guitar lick and riff is written out in Tablature (TAB) form, and explained in the videos.

Chord Diagrams

All chords are illustrated with diagrams and fingering instructions.

Written Instructions

Each lesson includes in-depth written explanations that compliment and support the videos.

E Chord Strumming

Lesson Goals:

° Learn the right hand down stroke technique
° Learn the right hand up stroke technique
° Become familiar with the music staff and notation
° Learn alternating down and up stroke pattern

Now that we know how to form the E chord we can begin working on learning strumming techniques.

Start by practicing down strokes as illustrated to the right. For now just work on getting smooth strokes with all 6 strings ringing clearly.

Do this slowly and keep a steady tempo to begin with and then you can gradually speed up.

Next we will work on up strokes. Again, we are not too concerned with speed at this stage. Just play them slow and at a steady tempo until you feel comfortable with the movement.

Now we can………

Detailed Pictures

Clearly demonstrating how to form chords, patterns and concepts.