Lesson 12 Video

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Lesson 12

Lesson 12 - Folsom Prison Blues

Folsom Prison Blues

Lesson Goals:

♦ Review finger positions for the E, E7, A and B7 chords
♦ Practice rhythm pattern utilizing single bass notes and strumming
♦ Play the full song smoothly and in tempo

We will keep it on the country side for your next song and play Folsom Prison Blues.

Before we work on the song itself let’s take a moment and prepare how we are going to approach this one.

The tab diagram below illustrates how we will play each of the individual chords while incorporating single note bass picking.

12_folsom chart new 01

In the first measure we play the single note 6th string, which is the “one” beat, then do a down stroke on the E chord.

Then repeat the same for the second half of the measure only, this time, picking the note on the 2nd fret of the 5th string before doing the down stroke on the E chord.

The A and B7 chords are played in similar fashion.

Take this very slow to begin with.


Now let's play the song!

12_folsom score 01


The other verses just repeat the same chord progression so now you know the whole song!


Lesson 12 Summary

You have now become familiar with a number of guitar techniques and methods that will serve you well for years to come. Everything you have learned up to this point will be needed again in order to truly progress on the guitar so try to review it often.

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Jam Tip!

This classic from Johnny Cash is a fun song to play regardless of your musical preferences. One band that I play with has been known to dust this one off for Frat parties and it’s always a blast to see the way the college crowd goes crazy over it!.

Check it Out!

This song will challenge everything you have learned to this point so buckle up. We will be utilizing the strumming pattern from the last lesson as well as the E (E7), A & B7 chord progression and also single note bass picking like we did on Tulsa Time.