Lesson 4 Video

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Free Sample Lesson 4 - E & B7 Chords

Lesson 4 - E & B7 Chords - Free Sample

E & B7 Chords

Lesson Goals:

♦ Compare the difference between the E and B7
♦ Smoothly transistion between the E and B7
♦ Play a short passage using the two chords

You may have already noticed how similar the fingering is for the E and the B7 chords.

The only difference is the position of the 1st and 3rd fingers.

We will now work on putting these two chords together in preparation for our first song.

First, slowly practice playing these two chords together. Allow your fingers to get used to the new movement.

Continue alternating between chords until it starts to flow smoothly.


4_e and b7 comparison


Now let's play the 4 measure passage below. There are 4 beats in each measure and we will only play down strokes.

In the first measure you will play the E chord 4 times using downstrokes and then switch to a measure of 4 beats playing the B7.

Give it a try!

4_e to b7 strum diagram

Lesson 4 Summary

At this point youshould be able to identify the E chord and the B7 chord and play them smoothly when transitioning. You should also be able to visualize them without looking at the chord charts.

Jam Tip!

Switching between the E and B7 is really easy! Start in the E position and keep your 2nd finger planted on the 2nd fret of the 5th string. Pretend that it's glued there! Then just rotate the position of the 1st and 3rd fingers when switching to the B7. Keep your fingers close to the fret board when changing without lifting them too much.

E Chord

1_e chord pic

B7 Chord

3_b7 chord pic