Lead Guitar 101 - 8 - Video

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8 - Slides



Lesson Goals:

♦ Learn "up" slides
♦ Learn "down" slides
♦ Play slide lick in "A" minor pentatonic


Another lead guitar technique that you will use extensively is the "slide". We are not talking about playing slide guitar here, but we will later.

A slide on the guitar is when you start on one note, pick that note, then slide to another note on the same string.

A slide can be performed going "up" from the original note, or, going "down" from the original note, but by nature, will take place on the same string as the original note.

Look at the TAB below.

101 8 slide 1 01

To play the example above of an "up" slide, you will start with your 1st finger on the 5th fret of the 3rd string, pick that note, and while that note is resonating, slide it up two frets to the 7th fret. Remember to only pick the note once.


Now look at the next TAB below.

101 8 slide 3 01

This is an example of a "down" slide, which is just the opposite of the first example. Play it the same way, only in "reverse".


Below is an example of a lick you can play in the "A" minor pentatonic scale, incorporating the up slide and down slide. Give it a try.

101 8 slide 2 01



Once you are comfortable with the technique for doing up slides and down slides, refer to the chart below with the pattern for the minor pentatonic scale in the first and second positions.

101 minor pentatonic 2nd position black dots 01

Using the chart above, experiment with some up slides and down slides you could do within this scale pattern. As you can see, there are many numerous possibilities!