7 - Minor Pentatonic 2nd Position


Minor Pentatonic 2nd Position

Lesson Goals:

♦ Learn "pattern" for the minor pentatonic 2nd position
♦ Learn fingering for the 2nd position
♦ Play 2nd position lick in "A" minor pentatonic


In this lesson we will expand your knowledge of the minor pentatonic scale to the 2nd position.

Obviously, the more places on the neck of the guitar that you know where to apply a scale, the more soloing possibilities are available to you. However, trying to learn where each individual note is for a given scale can be a frustrating experience.

It is for that reason that learning the "patterns" of the scale positions will make it easier to remember where the notes are located. In addition, because these scales can "slide" up and down the neck to different key positions, once you remember one "pattern", you can apply that scale pattern to virtually any key. Therefore, you only have to learn a scale pattern once, to use it anywhere on the guitar!

Take a look at the diagram below.

101 7 minor pentatonic 2nd position 01

For the sake of simplicity, we will continue working with the "A" minor pentatonic scale as we have previously.

Notice that the 1st position "pattern" that you learned recently is outlined in blue.

The 2nd position that we will concentrate on in this lesson is outlined in red. Note that the numbers on the 2nd position frets indicate the "finger" numbering, not the "fret" numbers.

Play the notes of the 2nd position, first ascending, then descending; to get a feel for them.


Now look at the TAB below.

101 7 lick 1 01

This is just a short lick to get you used to the fingering for the 2nd position. Keep in mind that this is all based on the "A" minor pentatonic scale, but this scale "pattern" could be applied to any key on the guitar by moving the root note of the scale to the desired fret.


Play through the lick and work on visualizing the "pattern" of the 2nd position before moving on to the next lesson.