6 - Put a Lick Together


Putting a Lick Together

Lesson Goals:

♦ Play a "Pull-off"
♦ Play a "String Bend"
♦ Play a "Hammer-On"
♦ P
lay "Double Note Picking"


As we stated earlier in the course, a guitar "lick" or "riff" is simply another name for a series of notes put together into a lead line for playing a solo.

In this lesson we will play a lick that is comprised of all the lead playing elements we have covered thus far. We will incorporate a pull-off, a string bend, a hammer-on, double note picking, as well as single note picking.


This lick is based out of the "A" minor pentatonic scale that we have been working with up to this point. Take a look at the TAB below.


101 6 lick 01

Although this TAB may look at little more complicated than some of the others you have seen, it is really only comprised of a number of elements that we have worked with previously, only this time, with all of those elements put together into one.

As you can see. the lick starts off with a "pull-off", then goes into a "string bend", then there are three single notes, leading into a "hammer-on", and the lick ends with some "double note picking". If you are unsure of any of these techniques please go back and review the appropriate lesson.


Take this lick slow at first, concentrating on execution before speed. Then gradually work up speed as you become comfortable with it.