Lesson 62 Video

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Lesson 62

Lesson 62 - Sweet Home Chicago

Sweet Home Chicago


Lesson Goals:

♦ Review the E5, A5 and B5 chords in both positions
♦ Review the I, IV, V chord progression
♦ Play "Sweet Home Chicago" using the Blues Rhythm Riff

We will continue with the the Blues Rhythm Riff by learning "Sweet Home Chicago", as done by the Blues Brothers.

This is another 12 bar blues song using a I, IV, V chord progression and we are still in the key of "E" so we will play basically the same thing as in the last lesson.

As you can probably tell, this is a popular chord progression that has been used over and over. You are more than likely realizing that you have heard a number of songs like this that sound familiar and a lot of them have been played in the key of "E".

On the chart below we have just put the names of the chords above the staff because by now you should be fairly comfortable with how to play them.

Give it a try!

62 sweet home chicago score 01


Now let's try spicing it up a little! This is optional, but if you feel up to the challenge the TAB for the Intro lick that I played on the video is below. I am including this in response to a number of members who have asked for it so here it is:

62 Sweet Home Chicago INTRO 02

The TAB is fairly self explanatory, the first part of the riff repeats, then from the slide starting on the 2nd fret of the 3rd string, it finishes out as a standard blues turnaround. This is a good one to know that you can apply to almost any blues tune.


Lesson 62 Summary

This is a very common chord progression in a very common key. It is one that you will probably play a lot so try to get comfortable with it before moving on. See if you can name some songs that you have heard before that are 12 bar blues songs using a I, IV, V chord progression. 

Jam Tip!

Songs like this and the one we did in the last lesson ("Before You Accuse Me") are played with a drum beat known as a shuffle. A shuffle is a beat that is typically associated with the blues and is one of the more popular blues beats. Another song that is almost identical to this one is "Pride and Joy" by Stevie Ray Vaughn. You can plug the lyrics to "Pride and Joy" right in to the chart below. It is the same key and rhythm pattern.

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E5 (1st Position)

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E5 (2nd Position)

58 e5 2 pic

A5 (1st Position)

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A5 (2nd Position)

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B5 (1st Position)

60 b5 1 pic

B5 (2nd Position)

60 b5 2 pic