Lesson 61 Video

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Lesson 61

Lesson 61 - Before You Accuse Me

"Before You Accuse Me" with Blues Riff


Lesson Goals:

♦ Review the E5, A5 and B5 chords in both positions
♦ Review the I, IV, V chord progression
♦ Play "Before You Accuse Me" using the Blues Rhythm Riff

Now it's time to put everything together that we have done with the Blues Rhythm Riff in the last few lessons.

We will apply the riff to the song "Before You Accuse Me" (that we did earlier) but this time, instead of playing full chords we will play the song using the Blues Rhythm Riff.

We can use the same chart as we did earlier. Just substitute the E7, A7 and B7 chords with the E5, A5 and B5 chords.

Let's try it slowly first.

55 accuse me score 01

Don't forget that you can play the alternate versions of the B5 and A5 chords until your hand starts to cooperate on the stretch in the lower frets!

Lesson 61 Summary

Make sure to start slow on this one and gradually work up speed. Be careful to try and either avoid or mute the strings that are not supposed to be played. For some extra bluesy flavor try to incorporate some palm muting into the rhythm pattern.

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Jam Tip!

Remember that this song is a 12 bar blues song using a I, IV, V chord progression, and, because the first chord is an "E" chord, the song is in the key of "E". If the first chord started off on the 3rd fret of the 6th string then the first chord would be a "G" and the song would be in the key of "G".

E5 (1st Position)

58 e5 1 pic

E5 (2nd Position)

58 e5 2 pic

A5 (1st Position)

59 a5 1 pic

A5 (2nd Position)

59 a5 2 pic

B5 (1st Position)

60 b5 1 pic

B5 (2nd Position)

60 b5 2 pic