Lesson 58 Video

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Lesson 58

Lesson 58 - Blues Rhythm Riff

Blues Rhythm Riff


Lesson Goals:

♦ Learn the E5 in the first position
♦ Learn the E5 in the second position
♦ Play the riff alternating between first and second position

In this lesson we are going to learn one of the most important rhythm riffs you can know on the guitar. This riff is based originally in the blues but is used extensively in rock and country as well.

Today we will work on the first part of the riff. It is based on the "E5" chord which is just a two note chord.

We will be using this riff in a I, IV, V chord progression and playing a 12 bar blues song in the key of "E". The song is "Before You Accuse Me", like we did earlier, but this time we will incorporate the Blues Rhythm Riff.

Look at the diagram below. As you can see this is a very easy, two note chord. The 6th string (E) is played open. Place your first finger on the 2nd fret of the 5th string and play the chord.

58 e5 1 01

That was the 1st position of the chord. Now let's move on the 2nd position. Look at the chart below.

58 e5 2 01

To play this position you will keep your 1st finger in place and, at the same time, place your 3rd finger on the 4th fret of the 5th string. Play the two note chord in this position.

Now let's look at the TAB below. All you will do to play this line is to start with the E5 in the first position and alternate back and forth between the first and second position.

58 e5 riff tab 01

Play this slowly using down strokes with your pick. Be sure to only play the 5th and 6th strings making sure all the others are muted.

Can you hear the blues seeping out of this rhythm riff?

Lesson 58 Summary

Before moving on you should be able to play this blues riff cleanly and clearly with no buzzing or fret noise. Don't forget to keep the other four strings muted so they don't make noise while playing the riff.

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Jam Tip!

To add a really cool effect to this blues rhythm riff try playing it using palm muting. It really gives it that Mississippi Delta feel!

E5 (1st Position)

58 e5 1 01


E5 (1st Position)

58 e5 1 pic

E5 (2nd Position)

58 e5 2 01

E5 (2nd Position)

58 e5 2 pic