Lesson 25 Video

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Lesson 25

Lesson 25 - Your Mama Don't Dance

Your Mama Don't Dance

Lesson Goals:

♦ Learn chord progression to "Your Mama Don't Dance"
♦ Experiment with different rhythm pattern techniques


This 1972 hit song by Loggins & Messina is still a favorite today and is guaranteed to fill a dance floor.

In this lesson we will work on the chords and rhythm for the chorus of the song. This is another 3 chord song and we will use the same 3 chords as the last song (Twist & Shout) C, F and G.

This time, however, the chord structure is a little different than the last song and this one is based more on a standard I, IV, V blues progression.

As we said earlier, we will discuss the I, IV, V chord progression in detail later on but for now just get used to what one sounds like. You have heard this many times before and will  hear it (and play it) many times in the future!

Below is the chart. By now you should be fairly comfortable with reading a chart so let's dive right in!


your mama dont dance 01


Play around with different rhythm patterns on this. While experimenting, throw in some palm muting for added spice!




Lesson 25 Summary

Become comfortable with various right hand rhythm patterns on this one including palm muting. Practice the complete song including the bridge by taking a look at the Jam Tip! in this lesson. Also try to let your ears recognize this type of I, IV, V chord progression.

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Jam Tip!

This is a basic 3 chord turnaround and the choruses are pretty straight forward. But what about the bridge? It is even easier! You just play an F chord for 8 full measures throughout most of the verse and then at the end of the bridge the music does a stop (at "out of the car long hair"!), there is 1 measure of G followed by 1 measure of F and it all finishes back up with 1 measure of C before going back into the chorus. Try it out and sing along, it will all start to make sense!

C Chord

18_c chord pic 01

F Chord

19_f chord pic 01

G Chord

20_g chord pic 01