Lesson 23 Video

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Lesson 23

Lesson 23 - Twist & Shout (part 3)

Twist & Shout (Part 3)

Lesson Goals:

♦ Coordinate right hand strumming with left hand chord changes
♦ Play the full chord progression smoothly and in tempo

Now that we have the chord changes and right hand strumming technique down let’s play the whole song.

Below is the chart for the first part of the first verse but the whole song basically repeats itself from there.

The only change is when the singers go to a short bridge layering on the harmonies at the “ah…ah…ah…ah” part when the song just holds on a G chord for a few measures.

23_twist shout chart

Lesson 23 Summary

You should be able to play this chord progression smoothly and fluently before moving on. The Latin feel of this type of rhythm pattern is one that you can use for other songs in different keys so keep this one handy for later!

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Jam Tip!

If this chord progression sounds very close to LaBamba, the 50’s song by Ritchie Valens, you’re right! It’s practically the same song. So now without realizing it you just learned two songs for the price of one!

Check it Out!

Once you are comfortable with playing the rhythm in this style take a moment to experiment with some of the palm muting techniques we discussed earlier. It’s a great way to spice it up a bit!