Lesson 22 Video

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Lesson 22

Lesson 22 - Twist & Shout (part 2)

Twist & Shout (Part 2)

Lesson Goals:

♦ Become familiar with varying up and down strumming strokes 
♦ Master the right hand technique
♦ Play the full chord progression smoothly and in tempo

Now that you have the chord changes down let’s move to the right hand strumming technique for Twist & Shout.

Look at the chart below. Notice that there are two chord changes per measure.

Also note that there are varying and alternating stroke patterns. This may look a little complicated at first but when we break it down you will see how easy it really is.

Notice in the first measure that we do 2 down strokes on the C and then a quick down-up-down on the F.

In the second measure we do 2 successive up strokes then a down stroke on the G chord followed by a quick "down-up-down" stroke on the F chord.

23_twist shout chart

Lesson 22 Summary

This lesson is all about focusing on the right hand strumming technique for this type of rhythm. Once you have played with it for a while try to "un-focus" on the mechanics of playing it and "re-focus" on feeling the music, just let the Latin come out and have fun!

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Jam Tip!

The key to really giving this rhythm the right flavor is in the right hand strumming technique. By coming in on the G chord in the second measure just a tad in front of the beat on an up stroke, then following that with an up-down stroke you will start to hear the Latin flavor of this rhythm pattern shine through!

Check it Out!

This may sound a little crazy but if you can get your right arm into a rhythm that is like –

“one, two, cha-cha-cha /

one, two, cha-cha-cha”

-you will start to get a feel for where the rhythm of this song wants to go.