Lesson 16 Video

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Lesson 16

Lesson 16 - What I Like About You

What I Like About You

Lesson Goals:

♦ Review finger positions for the E, A and D chords
♦ Practice chord changes using the palm muting technique
♦ Play the full chord progression smoothly and in tempo

To play this song we only need the use of the E chord, A chord and D chord.


Because the right hand strumming technique involves taking the palm muting from the last lesson to a new level, we have included the following TAB to demonstrate.

The first down stroke is on the chord itself
(E, A or D) and the second two strokes (indicated with “X’s”) are the quick down then up muted strokes.

16_tab chart


Here is the chart for the abbreviated version of “What I Like About You”. Other than a short musical bridge, the rest of the song pretty much repeats itself.

You will want to work on the muted strumming pattern and also play around with some strumming ideas of your own.


Lesson 16 Summary

The beauty of playing music is that there is not one “right or wrong” way to approach it. It is largely a matter of personal interpretation and I am a firm believer that “feeling” the music is much more important than “knowing” what’s behind the music. So by all means, have fun and experiment with different possibilities on this chord progression.   

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Jam Tip!

 In 1979 the Romantics released "What I Like About You" when MTV was just starting to explode. (Remember when MTV actually played music videos?)  If this driving 3 chord rhythm sounds familiar it's because this progression is a standard rock & roll rhythm that's been done over and over. One example that comes to mind is "R.O.C.K. in the USA" from the '80's by John Mellencamp.

E Chord

1_e chord pic

A Chord

10_a chord pic 3

D Chord

15_ d chord pic 01