Lesson 14 Video

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Lesson 14

Lesson 14 - Palm Muting

Palm Muting

Lesson Goals:

♦ Become familiar with right hand placement for palm muting
♦ Distinguish difference in sound between muted and un-muted
♦ Practice short exercise to get a feel for the technique

In order to prepare for our next song we need to discuss a right hand strumming technique known as palm muting.

Palm muting occurs by lightly resting the edge of the palm on your right hand on the guitar strings while simultaneously strumming.

When done properly and in tempo with the  song it produces a rhythmic percussive effect.

Look at the pictures on the right. Notice how the edge of the palm rests lightly on the strings between the bridge and the sound hole.

Try this for yourself by forming an E chord with your left hand like normal. Now rest the palm of your right hand on the strings and, keeping it in place, use the pick to strum the strings with a down strokes.



I am not a big fan of boring repetitive exercises but we included this one just to help you get the feel of palm muting.

This 6 measure exercise involves playing a muted E chord with down strokes for 2 measures - then playing 1 regular E chord followed by 3 muted strokes - and in the last two measures, 2 regular E chords followed by 2 muted strokes.

Play around with this and other combinations you can come up with including throwing in some up strokes as well!

14_muting ex tab

Lesson 14 Summary

Although this probably feels a little awkward right now keep working on integrating palm muting into your rhythms. Before long you will not be able to play guitar without it!

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Jam Tip!

This is a tricky concept to get a grip on but once you get the hang of it you will find yourself using it all the time. It is especially effective when playing the acoustic guitar in a solo environment because it almost gives the sound of a rhythm instrument playing along with you.

Palm Muting

14_palm mute 1

Palm Muting

14_palm mute 2

Down Stroke