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From: Keith Dean - Pro Guitar Instructor

Dear Fellow Guitar Player,

My name is Keith Dean and I’m going to show you how you can start playing guitar right now. Today. Seriously… in the next few minutes.

I know
you’ve seen a lot of guitar lessons courses out there that make some pretty strong claims. “Play Guitar Like Stevie Ray Vaughn in a Week”, or, “Become a Rock God on the Guitar Overnight”.

I can’t promise you that. Really, no one can. It just doesn’t happen that way. But what I can promise you is that with AdultGuitarLessons, and just a few minutes a day of your time – You will be playing songs by the Beatles, Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Loggins & Messina and more – in 30 Days or less. In fact – I Guarantee it!

fretting 04Have you struggled with getting started playing guitar? Does it seem too hard or complicated? Maybe you’ve tried other guitar lessons courses only to find they were geared toward a “younger” crowd, and walked away frustrated and disappointed.

I understand. Many of my adult guitar students have been down the same road as you. They wasted hard earned dollars on guitar courses designed for 13 to 25 years olds. You know – the ones that say you have to study music theory, and practice endless hours every day. The ones that make you learn songs by grunge metal bands you’ve never heard of, and tell you that you have to play repetitive drills and mind-numbing exercises to get good on the guitar.

Let Me Tell You Friend…Nothing Could be Further From the Truth!

AdultGuitarLessons was developed specifically with you in mind. I will personally take you step-by-step, and show you everything you need to know to become the guitar player you always wanted to be.

You Are About To See An Amazing Guitar Learning Method That Has Helped Hundreds of Guitar Students, Just Like You, Achieve Their Wildest Goals On The Guitar!

All you will be asked to do is;

Give a Few Minutes a Day to the Guitar, and You Will Receive a Lifetime of Music In Return!

Even if you are starting from scratch. Even if you’ve never picked up a guitar before, I will take you from the very beginning, from day one, and take you to where you will be able to play practically any song by ear! And you will be blown away by how fast you will see results in your guitar playing abilities.

Will you become a rock star next week? Probably not. Will you be ready to sign a record deal and go on the road in a few days? It’s doubtful. Those things can, and do, happen - but it will take some time. I do promise, however, you that you will be able to sit down with your guitar and play songs that we grew up with, by some of our favorite artists, in 30 days or less. Again – I guarantee it!

How can I make these claims?

Well, you might say that, in terms of the music business, I’ve been around the block. I have played guitar professionally for over 30 years. I spent many years touring the United States and Europe, and have shared stages with numerous top name artists like Winger, Confederate Railroad, Little Big Town, Wild Rose, Jerry Lee Lewis and more. I also played lead guitar for
lesson 2country artist Jason Aldean, have done session work in recording studios, and I am a published songwriter. In addition, I owned a successful music store and have instructed hundreds of students on the guitar.

And you know the funny thing? I’ve had a successful career as a professional guitar player for more years than I can remember, all without the benefit of a music degree or a formal education on the guitar! I came up the hard way and had to learn guitar on my own. I was not blessed with tons of natural talent and most certainly was not considered a “prodigy” when I first started playing. But I was still able to become an in-demand guitar player.

lessons 1You could call me a “blue collar” guitar player. A “play from the gut” guitarist, playing by ear, and by “feel” and by “pattern”. I struggled for every note that came off my fingers, but it was well worth it - and now I’m going to give you the guitar playing techniques, shortcuts, tips and tricks that I’ve spent 30 years working my butt off to learn.

Why Would I Share With You 30 Years of Hard Won Guitar Secrets?

Simple, I love to teach! At this stage in my life I enjoy giving back to an industry that has given me so much. There is no bigger rush for me than to...

...take you from "I Don’t Have A Clue" ….to…."Yeah, I Get It!......"

Are you ready to get started? Do you want to start playing guitar right now? For Free? In the next few minutes?

Just sign up below and let me send you my free “Quick Start” guitar mini-course. And, as an added bonus just for stopping by, I’ll also send you a six-pack of free guitar “Cool Licks” that you can learn easy and fast. Just my way of saying thanks for visiting.

: :

Yes Keith, Send my free video guitar lessons and bonus "Cool Licks" ASAP!

We Hate Spam and will never give your email address to anyone!

fretting 05What are your goals on the guitar? Do you want to take the stage with a band? Do you want to become a songwriter and record your own songs? Would you like to be a solo artist and play local gigs? Have you got the itch to play with your church group, or just jam with some friends in the garage? Do you want to be able to pull out your guitar and play songs for your friends and family?

Whatever direction you want to go in, this course will give you all the guitar skills and resources you need to take you to whatever level you want to go on the guitar. This is quite simply…

The Easiest and Fastest Way to Learn How To Play Guitar Available!

What makes AdultGuitarLessons so different? That’s easy…Nobody Else is Teaching This Stuff!

With AdultGuitarLessons you will discover insider secrets like:

check small 20 21The one thing you must do to play any chord, anywhere on the guitar

check small 20 21How to train your ear to hear any chord progression

check small 20 21How to use a simple 8 note pattern to figure out any chord progression for any song

check small 20 21Learn to play a 12 bar blues progression in any key

check small 20 21The secret trick to playing a I, IV, V chord progression anywhere on the fret board

check small 20 21The hardest thing to overcome when learning guitar, and how to get past it

check small 20 21Uncover the mystery behind “Three Chords and the Truth

check small 20 21How topunch up the Dixie” in your Southern Rock songs

check small 20 21Discover the one absolute most important rhythm riff you will ever need to know on the guitar

check small 20 21And much, much more…

What’s holding you back from being the guitar player you always dreamed of? You may just need a guitar mentor. Someone you can trust to guide you, step-by-step through the process of how to play guitar.

fretting 03AdultGuitarLessons is packed full of powerful lesson videos where I will show you, in full detail, how to play all the material. But that’s not all. Many courses offer videos, but in this one we go a step further by fully explaining what you are playing - and how you can use the techniques and concepts to take your guitar playing to the next level. In many cases I will show you a number of different ways to play the same song ! And we will go over everything in slow motion to make sure you fully understand how to play it. It’s like having me sit down with you in your living room. Except you don’t have to invite me over for dinner!

In addition to the videos, each lesson is supplemented by detailed written explanations accompanied by chord diagrams, pictures, TABs, music charts, Jam Tips, Lesson Goals and Summaries. All laid out in a clear cut, easy to follow format. And it’s all online so there are no books or DVDs to keep up with.

If you are serious about becoming a good guitar player you have absolutely found the easiest and fastest way to get there.

See what some of our many happy students have to say…

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You Are Just Minutes Away From Unlocking All The Amazing

GuitarTechniques, Tips, Tricks, Shortcuts And Secrets That I have

Used Successfully For 30 Years As a Professional Guitarist

But wait, this course is about so much more than just Beginner Guitar Lessons. AdultGuitarLessons is designed to take you all the way through your guitar playing journey. You will progress from Beginner Guitar Lessons to Intermediate Guitar Lessons. Then you will advance to “Lead Guitar 101” which will give you all the tools you need to start playing solos. Then take all those skills and start learning real guitar licks and riffs with our ever expanding “Cool Licks” Series.

And to top it off, you will never be alone as you progress on the guitar. I will be there for you with Unlimited Email support whenever yo
u need it!

learn guitar


Your Full Access Membership to includes:

bul_10Video Lessons We don’t just show you how to play, we explain everything in detail

bul_10Music Charts Easy to read charts to help you map out songs in a clear cut, simple to understand fashion

bul_10TAB’s - Every lick and riff is written out in TAB form and explained in the videos

bul_10Chord DiagramsAll chords are illustrated with diagrams with specific fingering instructions

bul_10TextEach lesson has in-depth written explanations that compliment the videos

bul_10Color Pictures Clearly demonstrating how to form chords and patterns

bul_10Jam TipsWith extra helpful bits of information relating to each lesson

bul_10Lesson GoalsClearly stated for each lesson so you have a full understanding of the topics covered

bul_10ReviewsPeriodic reviews to re-enforce important topics

As a member you will have instant access to:

bul_10Beginner Guitar LessonsStart from scratch, even if you’ve never picked up a guitar before

bul_10Intermediate Guitar Lessons Take your guitar playing to the next level with more in-depth techniques and concepts

bul_10Lead Guitar 101A full “nuts and bolts” course on the mechanics of playing lead guitar and how to apply it to your solos

bul_10Cool Lick SeriesAn ever growing selection of licks and riffs to make your leads soar. Complete with videos and TABs

bul_10Unlimited Email Support You are never alone as a member. We are always here to answer questions and explain techniques

bul_10Unlimited Course Updates We are constantly working to improve your learning experience and you automatically receive updates as they are released

bul_10New FeaturesAs new features and “Cool Licks” are added to the course you will have full access

Some of the Topics You Will Learn on the Guitar:

  • Major Open Chords
  • Minor Open Chords
  • 7th Chords and when to use them
  • Basic Strumming
  • Alternating Strumming Patterns
  • Palm Muting
  • Single Note Picking
  • Alternating Bass Note Picking
  • Chord Variations
  • I, IV, V Chord Progressions
  • C-A-G-E-D Theory
  • Naming Open Strings
  • Naming Notes on the Neck
  • Locating Notes Quickly
  • Chord Patterns
  • Scale Patterns
  • Barre Chords
  • Chord Roots
  • Scale Roots
  • Southern Rock Chords
  • Pull Offs
  • Hammer Ons
  • Slides
  • Triplets
  • Blues Rhythm Riffs
  • 12 Bar Blues Progressions
  • Major Scale Patterns
  • Pentatonic Minor Scale Patterns
  • Blues Scale Patterns
  • Octaves
  • Double Note Slides
  • String Bending
  • And much more…

Act Now and You Will Receive These Bonuses!

Bonus #1 10 Steps to Successful Songwriting --- Everything you need to get your songwriting off on the right foot.

Bonus #215 Things You Have to Know About Playing in a Band --- This is an essential guide to anyone seriously considering joining or forming a band

These Bonuses are absolutely free if you act today! But only for a limited time

How much is all this worth?

AdultGuitarLessons Full Access & Bonuses Value Beginner & Intermediate Guitar Lessons $199.95 Lead Guitar 101 $49.95 Cool Licks Series $79.95 Unlimited Email Support $59.95 Unlimited Course Updates $39.95 Bonus 1 - 10 Steps to Songwriting $14.95 Bonus 2 - 15 Band Playing Tips $17.95 Total Membership Value $462.65

When you consider that a Full Access Membership will provide you with all the tools and resources you need to become the guitar player you have always dreamed of being, it's easy to see that the value of this powerful package is at least $462.65!

Can You Imagine Where You Will Be On The Guitar In Six Months? In a Year?

Picture yourself finally playing guitar like a pro. Maybe playing on stage with a band, or jamming with friends, or becoming a songwriter, or impressing your friends and family with your guitar playing skills.

Would all of that be worth an investment of only $462.65? The answer for most people would be a resounding YES!

Have you considered what it would cost you to accomplish the same level of expertise on the guitar with private guitar lessons?

I can tell you that I charge $25 per 30 minute lesson for individual, private lessons. The AdultGuitarLessons Full Access Membership will provide you with over 18 months worth of valuable lessons alone. Not to mention the Lead Guitar Lessons and Cool Lick Series.

Private lessons with me for 18 months would average $100 a month or over $1,800! My private students gladly pay it...But you don't have to!

In comparison, the $462 value of this course looks like a bargain. But you will do even better than that! And you won't have to drive across town or re-arrange your busy schedule.

Keeping all that in mind, would this course be worth...


$149.95.....No Again!

$99.95 ???....Forget It!

Because this course is being offered in an online multi-media format we are able to keep production costs low and pass the savings on to you.

That's why, if you act fast, we can offer you a Full Access Lifetime Membership to AdultGuitarLessons including all the Beginner Guitar Lessons, Intermediate Guitar Lessons, Lead Guitar 101, our popular Cool Lick Series, Unlimited Email Support, and Unlimited Access to Course Updates and New Features for the low one time price of $77!

But wait! Since you have come by today you are entitled to receive our very very special pricing. This is a limited promotion so look below for your special offer!

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Beginner Guitar Lessons

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Cool Lick Series

Unlimited Email Support

Unlimited Updates

Unlimited Access to New Features and "Cool Licks"

Full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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But Don’t decide today if this course is right for you!

Take us for a test drive for a Full 60 Days and if you are not completely satisfied for any reason at guarantee1all just contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a no questions asked refund

There's Just One Small Catch... this incredible offer. It's a small matter and very reasonable, but may affect your decision. You see, this course is not for everyone. If you are afraid to put forth some effort, not a lot, but a little time every day, or each week - you will not see progress on the guitar. I am giving you all the keys to playing guitar quickly and easily with a minimal amount of effort, but there will be some effort required on your part. Most people understand this, but I don't want to mislead you into thinking that simply purchasing a Full Access Membership will make you an accomplished guitar player.

In the Next Few Minutes You Can Be on the

Way to Finally Playing Guitar…

That’s Right! You’re just moments away from being able to play songs by…

Eric Clapton

The Beatles

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Johnny Cash

The Romantics

Loggins & Messina

The Animals

Pink Floyd

Van Halen

The Kinks

Joe Cocker

Marshall Tucker

Wild Cherry

Paul Simon

Blues Brothers

Chuck Berry


Georgia Satellites

Dwight Yoakam

And much more….

Don’t Delay, This Special Pricing is Only Available for a Limited Time!



Let's Start Playing Guitar Today!

Warmest Regards,

Keith Dean - Pro Insructor

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P.S. - Don't Forget Our NO Risk Guarantee! Try us for 60 days and if you are not happy for any reason, just let us know for a Full Refund.

P.P.S. - Remember, with Full Access Membership "You Are Never Alone" with Unlimited Email Support. It's just like having your own personal guitar mentor!

P.P.P.S. - Even if you decide not to continue with membership, Keep The Bonuses as our gift to you for giving us a try!

8 More Reasons to Join AdultGuitarLessons Today!

check small 20 21AdultGuitarLessons is a comprehensive, multi-media online guitar lessons course that will provide you all the skills you need to become the best guitar player you can possibly be - starting today!

check small 20 21AdultGuitarLessons was designed specifically for the needs and goals of active adults with a busy lifestyle. It's Guitar for grown ups!

check small 20 21AdultGuitarLessons will teach you how to play songs that we grew up with, in all popular genres including - rock, pop, blues, country and southern rock.

check small 20 21AdultGuitarLessons was developed by a professional touring guitarist with over 30 years of stage, studio, songwriting and instructional experience.

check small 20 21AdultGuitarLessons is available in an online, multi-media format with powerful, detail packed videos, full written explanations, accompanied by chord diagrams, music charts, TABs, color pictures, Jam Tips, Lesson Goals and Summaries.

check small 20 21AdultGuitarLessons provides you with a Full Access Membership so you can always have the latest course updates, new features and Cool Licks.

check small 20 21AdultGuitarLessons includes Unlimited Email Support so you are never alone!

check small 20 21AdultGuitarLessons is backed up by an unconditional 60 Days, money back guarantee!